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Adam Wodnicki


International Festival “Discovering Paderewski” in Lviv is one of the most important cultural events in Ukraine. The main message of the fourth edition of the event is to promote Polish culture and give our eastern neighbors Polish musical repertoire at the highest level.

In 2015 on the stage of Lviv Opera will perform unique in terms of culture Polish Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze”, which will present the Ukrainian audience, “Krakowiacy and Highlanders” – the famous eighteenth-century opera, showing the structure of the Polish society before the third partition, whose libretto is compared to “The Magic Flute” by Mozart.

We are convinced that the participation of both Mazowsze and greats such as Krzysztof Penderecki (who will be at the Festival handed an honorary doctorate from the Lviv Academy of Music and who personally will conduct their songs, Adam Wodnicki, Andrzej Bauer, the team Dagadana will make the fourth edition the festival will become an extraordinary celebration of Polish music.

During the festival is scheduled discussion panel Fri. “Geopolitical aspects of Polish-Ukrainian relations of the Second Republic and UNR- times of Ignacy Jan Paderewski,” which will be moderated by prominent Ukrainian intellectual and journalist Taras Voznyak. Statuettes will be awarded the “Paderewski” individuals who have worked for the promotion of Polish culture abroad.

By organizing the fourth edition of the Festival, we would like to once again promote Polish culture and good relations between our countries. The idea of ​​creating an artistic event associated with the figure of Ignacy Jan Paderewskiego- great pianist, composer, statesman and philanthropist serves us as a pretext for a fruitful cultural enrichment and strengthening of cooperation between the Polish and Ukraine, which in the context of the current political situation is particularly important to us .

The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Polish


Lviv Opera House


Lviv Philharmonic