DAGADANA is a fusion of jazz, electronica, Polish, and Ukrainian folk music. The band incorporates traditional folk melodies within their own compositions, which are set to words of traditional songs, modern poetry, and lyrics. Their approach to performing and recording music includes the usevocals sang through voice processors, trance-like acoustic bass influences, various musical instruments.DAGADANA’s multicultural music inspires to interest everyone who is open to the richness of Slavic mind.

Their debut album “Malenka” (2010) was awarded the prestigious Polish “Fryderyk” prize and was recognized as the world music album of the year. In addition, their album “Dlaczego nie” was nominated for the “Fryderyk” prize in 2011. The album reached #8 on The Best World Music Albums of the World list in England (www.WorldMusic.co.uk).

With “List do Ciebie” (“A Letter To You”) album, DAGADANA revives the memory of the poet Janusz Różewicz. The band has performed with guest musicians from around the world. In China, DAGADANA played with the NORTH LAB band from Beijing and recorded music for their next album (2016). You may here the World Premiere of some of the songs in Lviv.

DAGADANA has performed over three hundred concerts in Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Rebublic, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

DAGADANA serves as an Ambasador of Eastern Europe which represents Polish and Ukrainian cooperation.

DAGADANA members:
Daga Gregorowicz (vocal, electronics) PL
Dana Vynnytska (vocal, keyboards) UA
Miko Pospieszalski (double bass, electric bass, violin) PL
Bartosz Nazaruk (drums and percussion) USA/PL