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Cathie Wood’s Ark voegt 519.000 aandelen nieuwe openbare Roblox toe in de nieuwste tech-weddenschap

Cathie Wood is de CEO en Chief Investment Officer van ARK Invest, dat drie van de best renderende ETF’s van de afgelopen drie jaar beheert.

ARK Invest

Cathie Woods ‘Ark voegde 519.000 aandelen van Roblox toe aan zijn Next Gen Internet ETF in een belang van $ 36 miljoen.

Roblox begon woensdag openbaar te handelen na een directe notering.

Het spelplatform steeg tijdens zijn handelsdebuut en won donderdag opnieuw na de aankondiging van Ark.


Bezorgdheid over de waarderingen van technische aandelen en overdreven enthousiasme op de IPO-markt hebben Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management niet weerhouden van haar laatste weddenschap. Bekijk de Fugro aandelen koers online.



Het populaire Ark Next Generation Internet exchange-traded fund van het bedrijf – dat handelt onder de ticker ARKW – kocht 519.086 aandelen van Roblox, volgens een woensdag gepubliceerde holdings-update. De inzet maakt 0,51% van de aandelen van de ETF uit en had bij de afsluiting van woensdag een marktwaarde van meer dan $ 36 miljoen.

De investering komt net nadat het spelplatform zijn directe notering aan de New York Stock Exchange heeft voltooid. De aandelen stegen van $ 64,50 in hun handelsdebuut naar $ 69,50, wat het bedrijf een marktkapitalisatie van ongeveer $ 38 miljard opleverde.

Het aankoop- en momentum na het debuut tilde Roblox zelfs nog hoger in de vroege handel. De aandelen wonnen donderdag maar liefst 9,1%. ARKW won maar liefst 3,8%.



Directe noteringen stellen bedrijven in staat hun aandelen openbaar te maken zonder nieuwe aandelen te koop aan te bieden. Bedrijven die deelnemen aan directe noteringen, halen geen kapitaal op, maar vermijden ook de acceptatiekosten die gepaard gaan met traditionele beursintroducties. Het IPO-alternatief is de afgelopen jaren populair geworden bij technologieaandelen, waarbij Slack, Spotify en Palantir allemaal via directe aanbiedingen naar de beurs zijn gegaan. Air France aandeel koers bekijken op de website.


De prijsactie van deze week was tot dusver een welkome uitstel voor de producten van Wood. De technologiegerichte fondsen van Ark kelderden de afgelopen weken doordat de stijgende rente op staatsobligaties investeerders deed twijfelen aan de hoge waarderingen van groeiaandelen. De technologiesector is enigszins hersteld nu investeerders de dip kopen, maar de maandenlange rotatie naar waarde vormt nog steeds een bedreiging voor de groep.

De winst van Roblox op donderdag voegt geloof toe aan de groeiende invloed van Ark op investeerdersstromen. Workhorse, Palantir en DraftKings hebben zich allemaal verzameld in recente sessies nadat Ark de aankopen van de aandelen van het bedrijf had onthuld.




Stock investing

Why invest in cocoa & chocolate? Fluctuating prices offer opportunities in the market right now, is investing difficult?

The cocoa market is characterized by its fluctuating prices. Important reasons for this are the vulnerability of the cocoa tree and the political and economic conditions of the countries in which cocoa is produced. A cocoa tree is demanding and needs a lot of sunshine. Temperature, precipitation and soil fertility must be optimal. A cockroach plague or drought can be disastrous. Harvests are very variable, which of course causes the price to fluctuate.

  • 70% of the total cocoa production takes place in (West)-Africa. The political climate in these countries can influence the cocoa price considerably. The civil war in Côte d’Ivoire, for example, caused the cocoa price to rise sharply in 2011. It is also not exceptional for cocoa farmers to build up huge stocks of cocoa in anticipation of rising prices in order to sell it. Factors like these make the cocoa market less predictable.
  • The considerable fluctuations in price make investing in cocoa risky, but also attractive. Correct timing is everything. So keep a close eye on local news and weather forecasts. If you step in at a time when prices are falling, it’s waiting for a bad harvest to emerge and you can cash in. One is a loss, the other is a profit.

Cocoa is getting more and more popular

Cocoa is a raw material for which, just like coffee and sugar, there is a long-term demand. It is a luxury product and unprecedentedly popular in Western countries. The average European eats almost 5 kilos of chocolate a year to give just one example. Asia and Africa are following this development. The demand for cocoa from these continents will increase enormously in the future while production is expected to remain the same or decrease. Scarcity may ultimately be the result, which will cause prices to rise. Source: Corredor de bolsa en Mexico at C-TradeAlert.MX

Investing responsibly

Many African countries are struggling with socio-economic and climatic problems. Think of high unemployment, corruption and extreme weather conditions. The demand for cocoa continues to rise, as does the pressure on the climate. Sustainable investment is becoming more important every year and, let’s be honest, pure necessity. When you invest in companies that produce their cocoa in a sustainable way with good working conditions, this is not only fun for your own wallet, but you also contribute to society in a positive way.


Which Tests Are Being Done to Determine the Best Television of This Year?

Every year tests are done to see what the best tv of 2021 is. Often they look at it by category. What has become increasingly popular for several years now are 4K Ultra HD televisions. These are the televisions with the highest image resolution for the most viewing pleasure. Now, of course, it’s also kind of cool to know what the best TV of 2020 is. When tests are conducted to see what the best brand of TV and the best television of 2020 is, several factors are considered.

These include picture quality, sound quality, versatility, ease of use, energy consumption and additional functionality.

The best LED television of 2020, according to the Consumers’ Association, is the Samsung LED. The television has a screen size of 50 inches, very good picture and sound quality and the price of this Samsung LED is also very good. You can buy this LED for as little as 544 euros, which makes the price-quality ratio very good.

Best Samsung tv’s from this moment on

Samsung TVs are the most popular brand, we think this is the best buy. A Samsung Full HD television has many different features which is very nice for everyone. Do you prefer to watch only your favorite television programs? Then you can choose a simple Samsung television. Do you like to stream, watch Netflix, surf the internet or play games? Then choose a Samsung Full HD Smart. And for the real fans for the very best picture, you can look for a Samsung television with LED or a UDHD.

What is the best gaming TV?

If you’re a big fan of gaming, then it’s good to look at what the best gaming TV is. This is not necessarily a television that is only made for gaming. What should you look for? It is best to buy a television that has a 4K Ultra HD image resolution. This makes gaming incredibly real. Also, a 4K Ultra HD TV supports all of today’s gaming consoles. To take advantage of the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4 Pro, you need a 4K television that supports HDR.


Stock investing

Do you have savings in your account and you don’t really see this growing because of the current savings interest rate? An increasingly popular alternative is investing.

Before you start, it is good to learn a little more about it. So are you looking for information about investing for beginners? In this article and the accompanying video we tell you about the basics of investing. One of the most important factors is the research part, there are quite some options and websites were you can check all the different possibilities in countries like The Netherlands. The website has some interesting websites about stocks like Spaarbuidel. 

What is investing?

Let’s start with the question: what is investing? Simply put, it is a form of investing. With investing you put your money to work with the aim of making it grow. This can be done, for example, by buying shares that you think will soon be worth more, so that you can sell them later at a profit.

How does investing work?

When you invest, you make an investment in the hope that it brings in money. The most popular way to invest is through the stock market. Previously you had to physically go to the stock exchange to trade, now you simply do so online.

  • When you start investing, you can choose to actively invest yourself. You then decide which shares you buy and when you sell them again. But you can also choose to leave the investing to an expert. This can be interesting when you have little experience in investing, or do not have the time to follow the stock market yourself. Read more about the difference between investing your own shares and having them invested.

What can you invest in?

This can be done in many different ways. Of course, cryptocurrency is in the news these days, and investing via crowdfunding is also becoming increasingly popular. Within the investment world there are several categories in which you can invest. Below we will explain the most important ones for you.

Investing in shares

This is what most people think about when it comes to investing: investing in stocks. But what exactly are equities? Equities appeal to many people’s imagination: you buy a ‘piece’ of a company and are then co-owner. This means that you share in the profits of the company, which can be distributed to you as a dividend. The share price can also rise, making a profit on your investment like a lot of people in The Netherlands did on Tesla.

Investing in bonds

A lot less known but very interesting is investing in bonds. A bond is a type of loan. Both governments and companies can borrow money from investors via bonds. You receive interest for this. In investment language, this interest is called the coupon.

  • Because, in principle, at the end of the term, unless the company has gone bankrupt, you recover the value of the bond, investing in bonds is less risky than investing in shares. But this also means that, in general, the return when investing in bonds is somewhat lower.
Medical insurance

The health insurance market has exploded recently, but what types of health plans can be used for most people? A few tips to consider online

The flood of companies and offers in the health insurance market, makes it necessary to analyze it carefully. As the saying goes, “separate the wheat from the chaff. Among these proposals, there are some that should be discarded because they don’t fit what we need and zorgverzekeraars vergelijken has become much more important. We have already made several entries, talking about policies that best suit young people, such as choosing the best health insurance… for example. In today’s one, we’ll look at a series of guidelines that anyone who is going to take out a health care policy can follow.The typology of health insurance is very extensive. We find policies that can cover:

  • With complete coverage (including interventions and hospitalizations) but being able to choose only between the company doctors or even
    refund” policies, which allow you to choose any specialist.
  • For this reason, rather than listening to the best promotions, it is better to find out what type of policy we are interested in, so that we can start deciding which company will convince us of their services and price.

Health insurance offers very good hospitals

The grace period is the time in which certain policy guarantees, despite having been issued, have not yet come into effect. This happens for two reasons:

  • This is the first time we have taken out a medical policy
  • We have recently changed health care companies
  • It is important to be aware of the latter, since there is a very typical phrase that is often said when receiving offers: “since you already have insurance, the waiting periods are eliminated”. CAUTION: all of them are usually eliminated, except for the delivery one, which in most cases cannot be removed.
  • We have group policies that eliminate waiting periods, even for clients who have never had health insurance.


We already made a blog entry, exclusively to talk about when it pays to have co-payments in health insurance. It is very important to know whether or not our policy has one, since our health expense bill can go up significantly if we go to the doctor frequently and don’t know that our policy is with co-payments.


Increasingly, medical specialists are rotating more and more. That is why it is important that, if we are interested in a particular doctor, we check if he is in the company where we want to have our health insurance. We also advice you to do your research and start with autoverzekering vergelijken in The Netherlands because it makes all the difference.


It is common for insurance brokers to have collective rates, which usually offer advantages over individual policies:

  • Periods with no grace period
  • Lower prices
  • Fewer rate increases due to changes in age range (if you contract individually with the company, if you use the policy too much for one year, you can get a “high”)
    If you want to enjoy the advantages of subscribing to your health insurance with our brokerage, call or write us. From today, put yourself in good hands.
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Poland – Travel Guide

Poland, a little nation arranged in the quiet area of Central Europe, is one of the top traveler objections of the world. Consistently explorers and swashbucklers from all around the globe, visit this astounding nation to make their days off unique. Poland has such a great amount to bring to the table to each one that one can never get exhausted here. The captivating appeal of this nation will doubtlessly move you to come here over and over.


The rich history of Poland has numerous features. This nation has seen numerous rulers and their standard. Piast, Jagiellon, Salvs likewise these traditions manages the nation in their separate periods. With the changing time the government additionally changed here. During world wars it was additionally assaulted by the Nazi Germany and Soviet Union powers. At long last in 1989 the Polish government here changed from Communism to Capitalism.


The atmosphere of Poland shifts as per various seasons. In winters its freezing in here, even all the lakes solidified in winters. During spring the brilliant shades of blossoming blossoms will clearly hypnotize you with its appeal. Indeed, even the summers here are not all that sweltering and offer a loosening up break to the guests.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit:

May-September are the greatest months to visit this amazing nation. On the off chance that you winters and snow come here between November-March.

Top attractions:

Poland is one nation that has consistently intrigued the voyagers with its powerful air. Regardless of whether you are an explorer, an untamed life darling or nature sweetheart you will discover a few travel objections here that will project their wizardry on you. Bieszczady mountains, Danzig, Czestochowa, Cracow, Malbrok, Masurian lake, Jefferson remembrance backwoods, Nietoperek Bat save are the absolute most visited travel spots of Poland. Aside from this it is likewise a heaven for the customers. You can purchase numerous marvelous trinkets from the nearby business sectors as it imparts its fringes to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic you will locate a wide assortment of gifting alternatives from here.


One can say that the rich social legacy of Poland is a main consideration that pulls in the vacationer to this spot. It resembles a long extension that interfaces the antiquated customary qualities to the cutting edge morals that has additionally given the uniqueness to the nation. You can encounter its way of life in Poland’s cooking styles, music, ensembles, celebrations, writing, structures and so forth When you will come here, you can definitely can not get away from its enchantment.

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Renting a Holiday Home in Poland

As of late Poland has gotten one of Europe’s quickest developing occasion objections for vacationers remaining in occasion homes. There has been an enormous development in the quantity of self providing food lofts and occasion estates accessible to lease from their proprietors in Poland.

Poland is an occasion objective loaded with incredible appeal and character. It is a nation loaded with delightful old urban communities famous with families remaining in self providing food lofts.

Admirers of open air sports and exercises are enamored by Poland’s untainted normal natural surroundings. Families an extended get-away to Poland can lease occasion bungalows and provincial farmhouses that are accessible to lease from their proprietors in and around Poland’s public parks and nature saves.

Families an extended get-away remain in occasion manors and self cooking houses in Central Poland. The area is partitioned into the northern swamps and southern uplands and is famous with vacationers on movement occasions. When an extended get-away to this zone of Poland they regularly use occasion home rentals to investigate the limestone zones and surrenders. There are likewise numerous old strongholds to visit while on vacation in Poland.

The Carpathian Mountains, including the Tatras, lie in the outrageous south. These mountains are famous with families on climbing occasions and numerous families decide to remain in a portion of the occasion log lodges in the zone. While on a family excursion to the locale they may take in a portion of the staggering mountain landscape.

The ski season runs from December to March in Poland and it is currently turning into a mainstream occasion objective for skiers. Numerous families remain in self providing food ski chalets and respect the astounding view that the mountains have to bring to the table. Huge numbers of the Polish ski resorts presently offer skiing offices for skiers, everything being equal. Snowboarding is presently likewise turning into a famous winter sport and numerous sightseers remain in self cooking condos when on a snowboarding occasion.

Numerous families currently travel to Poland to investigate this excellent pristine nation. It has probably the most wonderful landscape in Europe and by remaining in self providing food occasion homes families holiday can encounter the genuine Poland. It is presently conceivable to lease self cooking condos in a large number of the greater urban communities in Poland and many offer sightseers a get-away loaded with legacy and appeal.

Families needing a more loosened up family occasion may lease an occasion manor with pool or self providing food cabin in the open country. In the late spring months they can continue strolling occasions investigating the mountains during the day and around evening time test the nearby food and wine. In the cold weather months Poland is incredibly cold however offers the absolute best skiing in Europe.

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