Medical insurance

The health insurance market has exploded recently, but what types of health plans can be used for most people? A few tips to consider online

The flood of companies and offers in the health insurance market, makes it necessary to analyze it carefully. As the saying goes, “separate the wheat from the chaff. Among these proposals, there are some that should be discarded because they don’t fit what we need and zorgverzekeraars vergelijken has become much more important. We have already made several entries, talking about policies that best suit young people, such as choosing the best health insurance… for example. In today’s one, we’ll look at a series of guidelines that anyone who is going to take out a health care policy can follow.The typology of health insurance is very extensive. We find policies that can cover:

  • With complete coverage (including interventions and hospitalizations) but being able to choose only between the company doctors or even
    refund” policies, which allow you to choose any specialist.
  • For this reason, rather than listening to the best promotions, it is better to find out what type of policy we are interested in, so that we can start deciding which company will convince us of their services and price.

Health insurance offers very good hospitals

The grace period is the time in which certain policy guarantees, despite having been issued, have not yet come into effect. This happens for two reasons:

  • This is the first time we have taken out a medical policy
  • We have recently changed health care companies
  • It is important to be aware of the latter, since there is a very typical phrase that is often said when receiving offers: “since you already have insurance, the waiting periods are eliminated”. CAUTION: all of them are usually eliminated, except for the delivery one, which in most cases cannot be removed.
  • We have group policies that eliminate waiting periods, even for clients who have never had health insurance.


We already made a blog entry, exclusively to talk about when it pays to have co-payments in health insurance. It is very important to know whether or not our policy has one, since our health expense bill can go up significantly if we go to the doctor frequently and don’t know that our policy is with co-payments.


Increasingly, medical specialists are rotating more and more. That is why it is important that, if we are interested in a particular doctor, we check if he is in the company where we want to have our health insurance. We also advice you to do your research and start with autoverzekering vergelijken in The Netherlands because it makes all the difference.


It is common for insurance brokers to have collective rates, which usually offer advantages over individual policies:

  • Periods with no grace period
  • Lower prices
  • Fewer rate increases due to changes in age range (if you contract individually with the company, if you use the policy too much for one year, you can get a “high”)
    If you want to enjoy the advantages of subscribing to your health insurance with our brokerage, call or write us. From today, put yourself in good hands.